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Reducing Wildlife & Vehicle Collisions
Through the Thoughtful Application of A.I.

Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Image by Anna Mircea

Building Trust with Drivers

Better Detection & Relevant Real-time Alerts

Solving a very old problem with very new technologies. MooseDar combines the latest research in neural networks, object-recognition technology, edge computing, and thermal cameras, in order to detect wildlife on roadways & provide relevant real-time alerts to motorists.

Image by Kevin Chen

Winter 2019 Pilots

MooseDar will undertake a limited number of pilots in the North Western US & Canada in 2019, along what is known as the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor. Please email us at Team@MooseDar.com for more information or to express your interest. We're open to discussions with state & local DoT's, counties, towns, local wildlife foundations, and anyone looking to make highways safer for both motorists and our wildlife.


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