Reducing Wildlife & Vehicle Collisions
Through the Thoughtful Application of A.I.

Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Image by Anna Mircea

Building Trust with Drivers

Better Detection & Relevant Real-time Alerts

Solving a very old problem with very new technologies. MooseDar combines the latest research in neural networks, object-recognition technology, edge computing, and thermal cameras, in order to detect wildlife on roadways & provide relevant real-time alerts to motorists.


Winter 2019 Pilots

MooseDar will undertake a limited number of pilots in the North Western US & Canada in 2019, along what is known as the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor. Please email us at for more information or to express your interest. We're open to discussions with state & local DoT's, counties, towns, local wildlife foundations, and anyone looking to make highways safer for both motorists and our wildlife.